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Free vs Paid Dating Websites- Is there a Difference?


Meeting singles on Dating sites is very popular in modern society. There are 10th of success stories of couples who have met on a dating site. Ten years ago there were very few to choose from and most were not free. These days, you have a great number of dating sites to choose from according to your preferences, from the Loveawake dating site or Plenty of Fish, to Match.com or eHarmony. Some of them are free, others are paid. So is there a difference – or are your chances of meeting a hottie about the same?


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The Benefits of Online Dating Websites




Online dating websites are a great way to meet people you would not in a different way. In the pre-internet days, your best chance of meeting an eligible single person was an introduction agency or a matchmaking friend. Otherwise your chances were limited.

The internet has made a huge difference to the romantic prospects of a whole generation of people. Instead of waiting for Mr or Miss Right to show up in the local pub, you can now browse through thousands of dating profiles from people living hundreds of miles away. If you see anyone you like, you can contact them and strike up a conversation online, which for a shy person is a real ice breaker.

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Free Online Dating Websites

Free dating websites don’t charge you a subscription and anyone can sign up. This is great for cash-strapped singles whose love doesn’t cost a thing, but whilst many free dating sites are a good place to start, they can have their disadvantages.

When something is free, we tend not to value it as much. The end result is that we don’t take it so seriously. The main problem with free dating sites is that users are always on the lookout for something better, so even if they meet someone they like, there is no real inventive to stop looking for an upgrade.

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Paid Dating Websites

Paid dating sites charge singles for the privilege of using their services. You can usually sign up for free and create a profile for free, but if you want to contact people or answer messages, you need to upgrade your subscription. Costs vary between different websites and the more exclusive ones can be pretty expensive. This is great if you have unlimited funds, but for anyone on a budget, the cost of joining a dating site can be difficult to justify.



On the other side, people who pay for a subscription tend to be a bit more serious about finding ‘the one’. Paying for a service tends to focus the mind, as the longer you spend messing around flirting online with unsuitable candidates who live hundreds of miles away, the more money you are spending. This is not to say that everyone who joins a paid dating site is a good catch, but the majority will be fairly serious about finding love.

Dating websites are not for everyone. Some people prefer to meet their dream match the old fashioned way – in a pub, via a blind date, or as a result of meddling parents. For maximum success, try all methods.

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